Episode 510 – player Christmas

* (0:28) A possible online convention in place of this year’s Fear the Con. You can place your vote and find out more on Discord.

* (1:04) Cell phone jammers.

* (4:13) Accept creative solutions.

* (12:36) Control the table.

* (20:53) Don’t confuse delay with plot.

* (23:02) Don’t always make the players roll.

* (27:22) Get me back in the action.

* (36:24) Love the PCs more than your NPCs.

* (42:11) My backstory should matter.

* (47:24) Your obsession is not the group’s problem.

* (52:51) Be invested in each other’s characters.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Wayne

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ZaviMarch 29th, 2019 at 7:41 pm

Just wanted to say that im enjoying all your podcasts. They make my work days more enjoyable and hype me up for my next GM sessions. The christmas episodes have been especially helpful. Cheers.

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