Episode 501 – gaming anyway

* (0:33) A bottle of bourbon and a letter from the Hellhounds.

* (8:11) Brodeur wants to blossom, plus something about Jenna von Oÿ.

* (9:13) Discord and the things we won’t do for you. A big shout-out to David for joining the hobby. starting a group, and then starting his own podcast, Next Generation Game Masters.

* (14:30) Chad is Gandhi. Eric from Gamers Table is running a Twitch show, Luncheon Crawl, for his game prep.

* (20:53) Making it through an RPG session when you aren’t feeling it.

* (23:04) Just muscle (march) through. Gaming as an escape, burden, or obligation.

* (31:12) Setting the right expectations for yourself.

* (38:51) Communicating how you’re doing and what you need.

* (44:43) Testing the mood with some marketing tricks.

* (55:39) An exercise in adapting to a player’s mood.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan, Wayne

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PeterDecember 17th, 2018 at 10:36 pm

I used to work for a company that made high end TV production equipment, and one of the products I worked on was a broadcast automation system, the purpose of which was to make sure that content (including ads) was delivered exactly on time. By exactly, I mean frame accurate (1/30th of a second), and it included a system to provide confirmation to the customer that their content was broadcast at the requested time. That product would be at least 20 years old now.

My point being that it’s totally reasonable for advertisers to know exactly when an ad plays, and thus know when the 8 minute (or whatever) time limit would be up. That’s actually even more reasonable on the low budget channels where one generally sees such ads, since automation is a big part of how they save money.

To be clear, I’m not claiming they actually do that, just that it’s technically feasible.

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