Episode 500 – this is Fear the Boot

* (0:28) Reaching a milestone episode. A topic picked by our Patreon backers.

* (2:59) How the podcast started. Its first hosts and logo. The deep well of storytelling topics.

* (14:57) The show’s first major crisis. How the ebb and flow of our lives affects the quality of the show. A history of its hosting composition.

* (26:38) Show planning, social tone, and getting older. A changing industry.

* (36:30) Fear the Boot’s history of logos.  The first boot, the color revision, the improved art, and the pinup girl.

* (40:22) An assortment of projects and technologies that came and went.

* (42:59) Actual plays.

* (45:32) The impact the audience has on us. Hanging onto stuff. John’s acceptance speech.

* (1:04:03) FTB FTW card game.

* (1:05:53) Thickening skin. The changing way we view other content creators.

* (1:22:38) The future of Skies of Glass and other side projects.

* (1:27:54) Things that have changed in 12.5 years.

* (1:33:20) Predictions for the future.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Wayne

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