Episode 499 – intent

* (0:29) A topic inspired by a game of Bang. What it will take to make Dan stab someone in the back in a board game. The distinction between factions and a traitor mechanic.

* (10:29) Hiding your intentions as a Game Master.

* (15:54) The Simpsons, Family Guy, mailing pancakes, Russian manti, grilled cheese, Raddish Kids, and Uncle Dan cookies.

* (20:27) Showing or hiding intention as a player. How hiding harmless things can add productive tension.

* (28:01) Keeping the entertainment of the group as your central focus. The potential value of meta-gaming.

* (40:15) Using Reductio ad Absurdum to determine whether a secret intention is a good idea or not.

* (50:34) Falling off one side or the other.

Hosts: Caleb, Chad, Dan, Wayne

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