Episode 498 – player response to GM error

* (0:28) Fear the boot is now on iHeartRadio. You can get the regular show here and the actual play here.

* (3:02) A player’s response to an unintentional Game Master error. An example with a dragon.

* (10:50) Some quick advice to Game Masters: consider a ret-con and be prepared to own your mistake.  Austin Powers speaking English English.

* (12:59) As a player, have sympathy for the GM.

* (18:04) What makes it right for the player. How the GM sets the tone.

* (32:25) De-escalation. Unpacking your reaction and metering your response.

* (41:30) Keeping the goal in mind: Restoring everyone’s enjoyment, not “winning” the situation.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Wayne

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