Bonus Episode 80 – nostalgia

* (0:22) The trailer for Bumblebee.

* (4:09) The two extremes of product placement.

* (8:21) Resizing a robot. Or not.

* (12:07) The evolution of an idea when someone can tell you, “No.”

* (17:34) Nostalgia in the hands of the wrong person.

* (22:17) Nostalgia versus new creations.

* (26:07) The sliding window of looking back.

* (34:07) The Alexander Graham Bell commercial. Using superhero games to handle Saturday morning cartoons, as suggested by Saving the Game.

* (37:15) Back to the window.

* (46:16) Creating properties that get tied in, anyway. Hipsters are still all the same.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Wayne

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