Episode 494 – Genesis

* (0:28) Creating life from lifelessness. Rapidly replacing a player-character that’s died.

* (10:35) Making a character that’s already tied to the party.

* (13:05) An introduction that helps the moment.

* (14:28) Accepting the unanswered questions.

* (18:48) Helping nurture the character concept into the game.

* (21:19) Adjusting the plot to make the character meaningful in the moment.

* (24:50) Chad’s murder mystery. The flow of character growth.

* (31:01) How the murder creates the growth.

* (38:21) Guilt vs evil.

* (41:59) Two knives to the throat, a red herring, and following the law.

* (52:51) Fear the Boot’s Patreon and Discord. You can also now find our show on Spotify (regular show, actual play).

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Wayne

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