Episode 483 – outsourcing NPCs on the fly

* (0:52) Google searches on some podcasts, and a prank with Brandi that didn’t happen.

* (3:26) Letting players develop parts of the setting mid-game, including the NPCs.

* (8:04) Fat Tony and Lovin’.

* (16:59) How players can decide when it’s appropriate to mess with something.

* (24:30) Letting player investment drive truth. Tommy Wiseau tries out for the Joker.

* (28:04) Walking back contradictions or problems created by player ideas.

* (34:42) The legend of Pops. John Henry and the Johnny Cash song about him. Davy Crockett.

* (51:01) Setting development as opposed to narrative control.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Eric, Wayne

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