Episode 482 – prologue games

* (0:52) Wayne visits Brodeur at Miniature Market (their Facebook page).

* (5:21) Prologue games. Taking them seriously while recognizing their disposability.

* (15:20) A shared history that’s played instead of just written.

* (18:57) How a prologue identifies issues, and what to do when one is found.

* (24:46) The value of the missing middle.

* (31:22) Finding your voice.

* (35:49) Expecting too much from a prologue game.

* (42:16) Bridging the prologue to the intended starting point of the first game.

* (49:24) The important differences between a prologue and a flashback.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Wayne

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GM_MichaelApril 20th, 2018 at 7:38 pm

I started an FFG Star Wars game last September, allowing (even ENCOURAGING) players to create characters from all 3 core books. As our session zero finished I asked the question “Do we start as a group or do we want to play a narrative heavy / dice light game describing how the players come together?” Without exception all my players were saying ” I want to see how you weave the story of these disparate individuals becoming a crew”..

I told them to give me two weeks, and developed a basic concept where 2 players are both escaping an imperial dragnet on a planet. The other 2 players are hired by the rebellion to join a boat lift to grab people off the dragnet planet on short notice. I made the game move FAST (Which is my default mode) I would try and linger less than 5 minutes on any one player or group, even though all 4 started out separate. Escaping players eventually joined forces – rescuing players joined forces to join the boat lift and (of COURSE) the fleeing characters ended up on the ship of the rescuing characters. As the player’s ship fought it’s way to freedom, the rescued PC’s proved their value to the ship and the rebellion (as well as a Hutt’s criminal empire).

It worked. Better than ever thought it would. It has been an amazing group and a cohesive unit and that first game gave us a glimpse of the potential of our game. I have had some amazing sessions with this group and I think the first high narrative/low dice game session helped bring things into focus. I will certainly be thinking about how running a similar session for any future campaigns I run

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