Episode 449 – taking risks

* (0:30) The Skies of Glass actual play is now public, and Lookout Radio has gone live.

* (1:59) Some restructuring of our Patreon. A live-streaming actual play game is coming soon.

* (4:47) Brodeur picks Gunslinger for a gestalt game, gets handed a pre-made.

* (13:49) Developing as a Game Master by trying new things. Knowing when to fold ’em. Post-game feedback, and the vital nature of honest communication.

* (23:48) Singing! Appealing to other senses and kinds of creativity.

* (32:53) Elves and Dwarfs with John. [The Editor violently salivates at the thought of an actual Dwarf Fortress game and violently objects to any characterization of dwarfs inconsistent with Dwarf Fortress.]

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Chris, Dan, John

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EricJuly 14th, 2017 at 1:19 am

You were talking about bringing immersion and these popped into mind. I haven’t tried them yet but the reviews are super great. Basically scent beads for RPG sessions. Musty dungeon, library, gun powder and motor oil and a few other really neat sounding scents.


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