Episode 444 – integrating the metagame

* (0:40) A bunch of charity updates! Derek’s charity games (low level, mid level, and high level tiers). Pat’s GoFundMe page. Manicorn work provided by the Mitch STL salon.

* (6:10) Explaining what a perk or bennie represents before it’s used.

* (8:33) Deconstructing the Red Shirt. Creating emotional ante.

* (12:23) Seizing narrative control. The goal: Make it descriptive. Tying it to traits instead of people.

* (16:29) Making changes in the narrative to create consistency and plausibility.

* (20:49) The Game Master getting a read on the players by watching how they interpret their re-rolls.

* (29:29) Turning the named bennies into an in-character economy.

* (32:50) Dry-erase table tents and other table props. Who do I have to be?

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Wayne

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UemeiMay 28th, 2017 at 9:26 pm

Personally I think this is less a discussion of an absolute right or wrong way to interpret the usage of fate, or whatever type of narrative currency you use, and more theory craft. Lke in 7th sea 2nd edition there’s this whole spiel about how you shouldn’t just say, I dodge, because it breaks momentum, and creates a less dynamic fight scene. That aside/rule really annoys me since I think a game’s feel, and themeing shouldn’t be so tenuous as to be created or destroyed by players ability to say the wrong thing.

Likewise Rather than shoehorning this as a rule into a game which doesn’t already feature it, I think a game designed from the ground up to reflect this interpretation of those mechanics would make best use of this. Whether you meant to or not this whole discussion kept reminding me of the core mechanic of the Tearable RPG what with aspects being a limited resource, rather than a currency, that is destroyed as a function of use.

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