Episode 437 – consequence and continuity
by Dan Repperger

* (0:36) A second take, and why Brodeur’s wife just might be OK with bigamy. Star wipe.

* (4:07) Pat’s new refrigerator. Dan’s plan to conquer Narnia and install Beth as queen.

* (8:23) Today’s Topic: Terrible segues. Brodeur’s seat just might be up for the taking.

* (10:29) Controlling your players via consequences. The concern that the logical consequence may derail the game or distress the player.

* (13:27) Games that specifically accommodate consequences, whether through setting or rules.

* (16:31) Strategy 1: Managing expectations before the game starts or as a particular action is being declared.

* (19:51) Strategy 2: Backing off to calm down when emotional investment has gotten too high.

* (23:38) Strategy 3: Preparing a mechanism for when it all goes wrong.

* (28:08) Strategy 4: Let’s make a deal.

* (30:54) Strategy 5: Handle it at the plot level, apart from the players.

* (38:58) Strategy 6: Roleplaying the consequence in a way that involves all of the players.

* (43:45) Fear the Con X signup rolls on! You can PM Adam here and Derek here.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan, Wayne

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UemeiMarch 28th, 2017 at 5:22 pm

What the crap Dan?

I get it, the story was that you’ve already put too much thought into the conquest and maintenance of the political environs of Narnia, But you can’t just begin to sketch out how you’re going to conquer Narnia and then stop.

I need the rest of this Danecture. I didn’t even know I wanted to read any Narnia fanfic until this moment, but now I NEED this thing!

DanMarch 29th, 2017 at 1:04 pm

Very well! I will post my step-by-step plan (complete with maps) later today.

DanMarch 29th, 2017 at 4:56 pm

It’s a first draft. I haven’t done any editing, so excuse the typos. And the ideas are based on a plan I did at the level of napkin math while talking to Beth. But it’s a start.


UemeiMarch 29th, 2017 at 11:10 pm

I can’t say thank you enough Dan.

But only because I can’t remember my grade school level Basic for making a block of repeating text.

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