Emerald City Comic Con, Part 3

Last time I touched on the total coverage that gaming had of an entire floor (the second floor) at ECCC, so today I’m going to touch on what I did, both there and elsewhere, and some interesting people I met and want to thank:

Ben Robbins, who talked a lot about worldgen via story game (his own game, Microscope, as well as others like Downfall seem like a way to gamify making a game). He also introduced me to…

– Caroline Hobbs of Less Than Three Games, who, along with Marc Hobbs, made Downfall, Eden, as well as a few other short games.

–  Tom Parkinson-Morgan, of Kill Six Billion Demons, a very strange and wonderful webcomic, who was only too happy to be a sounding board for a couple of ideas relating to campaign structure and the definition of “normal” in terms of physiology (Why do we play games where having 2 hands is normal?)

Matt McElroy, who I sat down and had a nice interview and then an even nicer chat, who probably thought my face looked a little funny with my makeup all messed up (I’ll post his interview next time)

– Wednesday Sophia, who was my guide to the con and helped me out the whole time I was there

– Ryan Juckett, who put out Inversus, which consumed at least a full hour of my life before I knew what happened

Without these people my ECCC experience would have been woefully incomplete, and I want to stress the importance of the lesson it taught me: The con itself, all of the booths and flashing lights and everything don’t hold a candle to the people you meet, you interview, have lunch with. Take pictures and don’t forget them, because they won’t forget you!

Next time I’ll be talking about my brief interview with Matt McElroy and his upcoming book from Onyx Path Publishing, Ghost Hunters.

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