Interview 39 – Pete Petrusha

* (0:33) A natural first question presents itself. Magic by Mick Smiley. The story of Pete and Brodeur’s love.

* (8:44) Imagining Games and the Dreamchaser Kickstarter. Pete was previously mentioned in Episode 418.

* (9:30) The end as the beginning. The dream and milestone mechanic in Dreamchaser.

* (16:12) A sample dream and set of milestones to demonstrate how they work.

* (20:33) The value of focusing on story before setting.

* (24:45) What has Pete learned from running this? What does this book give us? What’s the game system like?

* (31:18) The duration of a Dreamchaser game.

* (37:53) The belief mechanic and how it relates to dreams and milestones.

* (47:25) Designing a game’s story like a movie trailer.

* (50:20) Some examples from games that have been run during the play test.

* (59:56) How strangely well Dreamchaser would work for Mystery Men.

Hosts: Brodeur, Dan, Wayne

Guests: Pete

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