Bonus Episode 66 – Bedtime Stories 7

DISCLAIMER: While profanities were censored from this episode, the subject matter is more crass than what Fear the Boot normally covers.  Personal discretion is advised.

* (0:40) Welcoming Stu and Stork from Happy Jack’s podcast. You can find the latest episode Dan and Wayne guest hosted here.

* (0:57) Rosebud.

* (5:52) The origin of “Happy Jack” and the narrative curve of his career.

* (11:48) The worst hygienic choice you can make in a game shop.

* (19:02) Stinky, the couch, and the worst hygienic choice you can make in a car.

* (25:04) The most horrifying gaming story we’ve ever heard.

* (31:31) An obnoxious interview subject.

* (38:42) Things overheard in the game shop. The real-life inspiration of the play, Equus. The Animaniacs survey.

* (43:23) A really dysfunctional Ren Faire.

Hosts: Brodeur, Dan, Stork, Stu

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