Interview 38 – Vincent Venturella, part 2

* (0:42) The value of simplicity, flat math, and limited modifiers.

* (5:10) The intentional lack of specificity in the 5th edition rules. The history of Anti-Magic Shell.

* (11:22) Are there any plans for setting material and the like?

* (17:22) Beast form and martial arts attacks. Sage Advice on Twitter.

* (19:34) Was the d20 mechanic a central part of design? An obstacle? An accepted legacy?

* (22:44) Why switch to 5th edition? What are its distinguishing traits and values? The free download of the basic rules and the starter box set for D&D 5th edition.

* (27:30) What ongoing adventure support does WotC have planned for DMs?

* (28:39) Wanting to hear more about insanity rules and madness.

* (29:03) Tagging bonds to award inspiration.

* (30:09) A question about flanking.

* (32:16) The relegation of feats, and the options for diversifying a class.

* (34:47) How did 4th edition influence 5th edition?

* (36:49) What other games were played during the design period and ultimately influenced the final product? Designers & Dragons.

* (40:20) Acknowledging some questions that didn’t have available answers.

* (41:30) Why isn’t there a full-length PDF for 5th edition?

* (43:25) To what does Vince most attribute the success of 5th edition?

* (44:04) What was the impetus for the advantage and disadvantage system?

* (46:02) Vince’s favorite house rules and hacks for 5th edition.

* (46:32) What weakness of previous editions did they strive to avoid?

* (47:49) If you have any questions for Vince, you can chat him up in the forum thread for this show. You can also find him through Venture Land Games, his Twitter account, or his YouTube channel.

Hosts: Brodeur, Dan, John

Guests: Vincent Venturella

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Michael PhillipsOctober 27th, 2015 at 6:40 pm

Artificer and Mass Combat are both available on the website in the unearthed Arcana column.

SnouffmanOctober 30th, 2015 at 10:41 am

Isn’t the “impetus for the advantage and disadvantage system” the fact that there is a simple advantage/disadvantage system in 4e?

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