Interview 36 – Inkwell Ideas

* (0:32) Chris is doing the video game giveaways on Twitter.

* (1:42) Welcoming Joe Wetzel and Keith Curtis. Dan gets a contest entry from a spam bot…?

* (7:00) An overview of  Inkwell Ideas.

* (11:46) Using outside products to help with game prep and those moments when the GM is caught flatfooted.

* (14:12) Hexographer for world mapping.

* (17:17) Cityographer for creating cities and automatically populating them with NPCs.

* (23:12) Cards and mapping dice to help run a game.

* (24:47) Creature decks for various systems and types of monsters.

* (25:45) Encounter decks for plot or sub-plot ideas.

* (30:42) An NPC deck for random characters.

* (31:54) A coat of arms designer.

* (33:23) The dungeon morph cards and dice.

* (38:15) Joe’s gaming CV. The current Star Wars games by Fantasy Flight.

* (47:47) Everyone names their whales: the RPG products that cost more than we had any right to spend, but we own them, anyway. The Sultan gaming table. Keith’s aliens and their physiology versus Dan’s Sirini and their physiology.

* (58:44) The retail and distribution facets of Inkwell’s products.

* (1:03:16) What Joe and Keith have coming up in the near future. You can find Keith’s portfolio and commission information here. You can follow Inkwell Idea’s blog here and find their Patreon here.

Hosts: Brodeur, Dan

Guests: Joe, Keith

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FridrikSeptember 11th, 2015 at 5:26 am

To the Inkwell people. You said the data is XML based. Did I understand that correctly?

Can I use your software to generate it as KML? For the purpose of then port it on top of Google earth? If not do you know how hard it would be to transform a Hexographer XML map to KML?

Fridrik the GIS guy

JoeSeptember 15th, 2015 at 10:05 am

Thanks for the question. Sorry, I’ve come across KML, but never really got into it. We use XML for the data files used to generate names, store inventories, etc., and the save file format is XML. I don’t really have a good handle on what it would take to translate it to KML, unfortunately. (And doing so is likely a low priority unless I have several others ask about it.)

FridrikSeptember 16th, 2015 at 3:15 am

Thanks Joe.
Just curious, that’s all.

BradOctober 14th, 2015 at 9:52 am

Re. the GeekChic (GC) content of this podcast, might I suggest you consider (GNG) for much more affordable gaming accessory/table/custom order options. This is a much smaller operation then GC, but lead/production times are currently much shorter at GNG due to basically non-existent mass advertising, which results in almost no one having any knowledge about our existence and, therefore, a very manageable production schedule. I am the primary craftsman responsible for GNG and I am happy to keep GNG’s notoriety relatively low for now because it is my “Hob” (“Jobby” that sort of actually pays the bills, partially). But I would love to work with FTB on a custom order(s). I am based in Columbus, Ohio but I travel through St. Louis fairly often to visit family/friends in K.C. Love the pod cast. Cheers! -Brad

Joseph WetzelNovember 25th, 2015 at 10:44 pm

Dang it. I have to change my name now don’t I?

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