The Third XCOM Saga, part 15, RP Interlude 30

As written by Ryan Fraedrich…

Sent: March – 13 – 2084 07:38 AM
Subject: Augmentation Maintenance

Spirit, at your earliest convenience, could you come up to the medbay and give me a hand with my cybernetics? Normally I’d do it myself, but several impressive acid burns are reminding me I do have limitations. I need someone who knows their way around biochemistry and neurotransmitters. While I can drop off my arms, eyes, or jaw with engineering for repairs, I can’t do the same with my augmented nervous system. Let me know when you’re available and up for the challenge.

As written by Spirit Kay…

Sent: March – 13 – 2084 07:42 AM
Subject: Re: Augmentation Maintenance

I’ll be right over.

We were taking a look at the brainsucker creature — I’m going to ask Dr. Tanida to send a formal memo out to the Commander right now, might as well tell you. The thing doesn’t use psionics at all, if anything, it’s basically a mini-Chryssalid. It literally sneezes some of its brain into your mouth or nose and takes it over before dying. We still don’t know how it knows how to make a victim move, but we can confirm that the resulting zombification could not result in more brainsuckers, so there’s that.

By the way, if Kite is in the chop shop / repair/med bay with you, tell her that while they fix her arm and leg, I have a set of old Mk1.1 feline pattern Meldless test base augments in storage.

NOTE TO SELF: By today’s standards I’m bad at engineering and bad at biochem, but I’d rather be a jack of all trades than an absolute master of one tenth, as seems to be the case with MPU graduates.

NOTE TO S.E.L.F.: Do you guys have any spare parts on sale? Anything, seriously. I get the idea we’ll need them.

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