The Third XCOM Saga, part 15, RP Interlude 27

As written by Jeremy Ciccone…

The last team returned — the one who cleared the Temple of Sirius — Jeremy went immediately to download his own copy of the mission replay onto a tablet. He sped through most of it, making short mental notes about the xenos that he was sure would be nothing compared to those of the Biology Team.

He lingered only on those sections featuring the Cult members themselves, checking each face over and over. Those people could have been considered ‘evil’ in certain circles, but isn’t that a matter for history? If XCOM won, then they would be villains. Vichy French during World War II. Or they would be ‘liberated’ against their will. Or pulled back to defend their allies in that last-ditch defense that cost so much when defending Berlin.

If the xenos won, they would be hailed as martyrs whose names would be remembered as heralds of the new world order like Patrick Henry or the 54th Massachusetts.

Jeremy completed his examination of the record without any results and shut off the tablet. Tucking it into his cargo pocket, he let out a sigh.

For that matter, he wondered, would he be seen as a villain no matter who won?

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