The Third XCOM Saga, part 15

March 12th, 2084…

  • Between the more conservative approach we took to weapons fire and the material salvaged from the Cult of Sirius, there’s enough ammunition to fully restock everyone’s kit and have a little to spare.  There are also some extra weapons that can be sold.
  • The biochem team completes research on the brain monsters.  These creatures can only live about eight hours once hatched, and they are incapable of eating or reproducing.  The proboscis they keep hitting our helmets with can apparently suction out a section of our brains and replace it with a portion of the original creature’s neural tissue, making the target its new body.  At this point, its original body would die and fall away.  It’s a horrifying thought and one we are fortunate to have discovered in the lab and not on the field.  This species has been redubbed Brainsuckers.

March 13th, 2084…

  • Dan is summoned to take a call in his “office”.  The Senate wants to discuss our performance and funding.
  • He prepares himself for another condescending brawl like he used to have with the Director.  Instead, the message is short and pleasant, and he can even see the faces of the people he’s talking to.
  • The government of Mega-Primus is pleased with our progress.  $83,000 has been transferred into our account.  They’ve secured additional funding from grateful corporations we’ve been cleaning of aliens, which has yet to hit the books, but our projected income for the following week is up another $6,916.
  • Finally, Marsec has been pressured into releasing their complete line of weapons and vehicles for sale to us.  That includes personal missile launchers, proximity mines, higher-mobility armor, and new classes of interceptors.
  • The Commander quickly checks his ledgers.  With the sale of the cult equipment complete and all expenses paid, our final balance is $56,770.  Ryan is still in medical care, but he summons Tex.  It’s time to do some upgrades.

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TexAugust 23rd, 2014 at 8:59 pm

OOC: I’m not exactly sure how to word the RP. While reading the temple battle it struck me that we didn’t have enough people for over watch and/or a leapfrog advance. If we have the funds and room to equip and house them, I’d like to suggest we recruit a few extra soldiers. Given we’re constantly chasing two or three conflicts at the same time I think we’re a little light on manpower.

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