The Third XCOM Saga, part 14, RP Interlude 20

As written by Michael Repperger…

Tex checked his rifle out of the armory and went to inspect his team before the mission. We had very limited supplies, but Tex wanted his people to be as well equipped as they could be. As he walked down the hall, he focused on the cool metal of his weapon slowly warming to the touch. It helped him put aside all of his other concerns and focus on the mission ahead of him.

Tex does not carry a shotgun. Tex does not carry a machine gun. Tex carries a sniper rifle. He will do everything in his power to accomplish the mission and bring his people home safely. But it will be with patience and precision accuracy. He assumes that’s why the Commander picked him for this very delicate mission. He had no idea if the humans would need/want to be rescued or would join the aliens. He had absolutely no idea what would greet him in that temple.

He entered the garage to shake hands with every member of his team and look them in the eyes before inspecting their gear. These people were depending on him to decide friend from foe.

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