The Third XCOM Saga, part 10, Journal Entry 12

As written by Dan Repperger…

We’re losing this war, Adam.  We have yet to shoot down a single saucer.  We’re running out of bullets.  And now I have to weigh taking on a second enemy.

The alien-worshipers are going to fight us.  It’s inevitable.  The question I struggle with is whether to preempt their attack, which turns the fight from inevitable into realized, but at least it occurs on our terms.

They’re not like EXALT.  Not that you encountered them, either.  They’re working with the aliens instead of chasing their own evil.  And their bases aren’t hidden around they globe; they’re in temples, one of which I could walk to in a matter of minutes.

Tex suggested waiting as long as possible.  Ryan suggested attacking now.  Though they had different conclusions, they both spoke from prudence, cause and effect, cost and benefit.  I lack that perspective.  Whether I attack them or avoid them, it’s out of fear of living in a future of death and blood that I created.

What would you do?

Funny that I wait until you’re dead to ask that.

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