Episode 109 – player revolts

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* A brief introduction of Pat.

* A profile of Chad’s GMing techniques.

* Conducting a player revolt against the Game Master.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, John, Pat

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tirsdenFebruary 13th, 2010 at 1:48 am

Chad mentions building his DM game plan by first finding out what the group wants to come up with for characters, some backstory between them, and then on his own time dreaming up scenes that are kind of “random” but can be strung together by the players themselves filling in the blanks during the actual game. Then when the game is in progress and something happens where a scene needs to be thrown out and a new one appears via further creative inspiration… that all completely struck a chord with me, because that is pretty much how I write stories (except that obviously all the character inspiration and whatnot is supplied by my own imagination, unless I’m ganking bits of something established for a fanfic). It’s great to hear from a DM who works that way, and how well it works, and it gives me more confidence in not giving up on my own DMing style, even if I’ve only really hackjobbed a few times for my kid brother. I reeeeally wanna try it now, and may give it a shot with a friend in the spring.

All things considered, I *almost* DM’d that way with my kid brother but wasn’t confident enough to truly freelance. That “just make it up as you go” thought didn’t even occur to me as a logical option, though in the end I was kinda freelancing most what we did anyways because he would pretty much blow any plans I had completely out of the water as it was. My notes, though, were literally just a few lines at most and one or two simple maps, plus the stats and loot lists for the NPCs. Ironically, he found a way to get twice as much money out of the first completed session as I thought was the absolute most one could get, through the completely random and very unplanable steps he took.

As stated later in this episode, “sometimes that inspiration doesn’t happen” to string all the scenes together or even get enough scenes… round out a plot… yeah, I’ve had that happen with story projects as well. Or it’ll be going great for a bit and then fall splat-dead. I’ve learned to outline longer stories to help combat that… and ironically it is still pretty much just scenes briefly described one after the other, but that way I’ve got them worked out ahead of time so I don’t forget them later. Also, I can rearrange and edit the outline as needed, especially if I see a plot hole forming ahead of time. I have a crappy memory too so the more I get down while it counts, even if it’s vague, the better chance I stand of finishing the project.

Great advice and things to think about. Thanks guys! ^_^

VexedOctober 12th, 2018 at 10:20 am

I recognise that this may seem a redundant thing to criticise about a 10 year old episode, but the constantly shifting cast for Fear The Boot (in particular within the last few dozen episodes) is rather disheartening. I discovered Fear The Boot last year and sped through the first 50 episodes, listening to multiple a day, before settling down for a long while and picking it back up again somewhat recently, and I have to say, I really miss the exclusively Dan, Chad, Adam and John setup. I understand that things change, and that certain things were not/are not preventable, but I personally feel that it seems to have impacted the quality of the podcast. I love Fear The Boot, but I must admit that I feel a sort of trepidation going forward with the episodes; looking at the newest episode, the only names that I recognise are Chad and Dan, so I am quite scared to see if John and Adam slowly disappear from the show and do not return.

Once again, these episodes are ten years old, so this is more of a ‘vent’ for me than anything else. I still love curling up in bed and drifting off to sleep listening to Fear The Boot, but as someone who is not very interested in ‘geek’ things outside of tabletop and video games, and who values the personality and an identifiable cast more than diverse content, I cannot help but feel a little, as I said, disheartened.

Nonetheless, it’s incredible to see Fear The Boot going strong after all these years, but I have no idea how on earth I’m going to catch up! I really value what you guys have done, and I honestly think that even your earliest episodes rank among the best podcasts extant, past or present.

P.S, if I send John furry porn in his e-mail, will he still get it?

DanOctober 15th, 2018 at 8:36 pm

Looking back over the 12.5 years we’ve been doing this, a lot changed in our personal lives. The tone and quality of the show often reflects where we’re at in life, following those ebbs and flows. Where you’re at right now definitely isn’t one of our better spots. I honestly wasn’t sure the show would even survive the early 100s. There was a lot of turmoil behind the scenes.

As you move forward, some hosts will come and go for various reasons. Some don’t have time to do it anymore. Some move out of town. In our saddest chapter, one passes away. I guess that’s just how life goes. The current lineup has been stable longer than any previous one, though I need to get Brodeur (a host you probably haven’t encountered yet) back on more often!

To your question about John, we had to change email providers, and as of right now he doesn’t have an email address.

VexedOctober 25th, 2018 at 8:46 am

Thanks a bunch for your response. Hopefully I didn’t come across as too critical in my post – there’s been a number of great episodes that I’ve listened to since. Your commitment to Fear The Boot is genuinely inspiring.

I’m sorry to hear that a host passes away. All the best in the years to come – here’s to the best RPG podcast.

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