Episode 305 – crowdfunding round table, part 2

* (0:24) Managing stretch goals that add to the primary product.

* (3:58) Setting the rewards at various backer levels.

* (7:29) Seeking outside ideas when shaping a reward scheme.  Setting realistic goals and keeping the focus on marketing.

* (14:52) Building a pitch video.

* (16:56) How much to say about how the money will be spent.

* (20:59) The costs associated with raising money.

* (28:27) The usefulness of tools such as Kicktraq.

* (32:36) Spotting a project you shouldn’t back.

* (38:05) The avenues available for resolving fraud or disputing a contribution.

* (41:27) The importance of maintaining communication after the project has successfully funded.

* (47:41) A big thanks to Joanna, Matt, Ryan, and Tom for making this episode possible!

Hosts: Dan, Joanna, Matt, Ryan, Tom, Wayne

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