Episode 304 – crowdfunding round table, part 1

* (0:36) Introducing our four guest hosts and setting up the show’s premise.

* (2:59) Welcoming Joanna Gaskell of Standard Action and Starlit Citadel Reviews.

* (4:33) Welcoming Matt Forbeck.  You can find his personal website here.

* (6:05) Welcoming Ryan Dancey, currently with Goblinworks.

* (7:05) Welcoming Tom Lommel, aka Bill Cavalier the Dungeon Bastard.

* (10:29) How is crowdfunding impacting the roleplaying hobby?  The usefulness of sites like Kickstarter, not only as a funding tool, but also as a marketing tool.

* (15:03) The distinction between the major crowdfunding sites.

* (19:43) The value of crowdfunding in proving an idea has traction with consumers.  Continuing to sell rewards after the original drive has ended, and the value of keeping certain rewards exclusive.

* (27:36) The crappy fulfillment surveys offered by Kickstarter.

* (28:55) Some stats on Kickstarter and what they say about crowdfunding.  Why most projects will either fail early or make it all the way to success, while only a small number die in the middle.  The bimodality of funds coming in.  How successfully funding can cause cash to flow even faster.

* (37:02) How crowdfunding is bringing back a patronage model by allowing people to pay what a product is worth to them, as opposed to what it costs to make.  Mikey Mason’s Impotent Nerd Rage.

* (45:57) Whether Matt’s campaigns looked any different, since they were more than just one-time events.

* (51:53) Kickstarter fatigue.

* (56:12) Projects that deliver extremely late or don’t deliver at all.  You can find the CNN article here.  How success — and stretch goals in particular — can actually sabotage a project’s delivery.

Hosts: Dan, Joanna, Matt, Ryan, Tom, Wayne

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