FTB @ SDCC : Episode 1


Our flight from St. Louis to Denver was two hours.  We all had the same row.  My scumbag engineer Pat said perhaps four words.  Our flight from Denver to San Diego was another two hours.  We did not all sit in the same row.  Pat did not shut up for ten seconds.  Why:

Lech King


This is why we have a dedicated cosplay camera operator/leering professional, and why it is Pat.


Night one of carousing relatively tame.  This city is afraid of me, I have seen its true face.  Party district is interesting.  Faux Mad Men cocktails bars alternate with raucous drinking holes that feature Pac-Man machines.  Movie and television studios have rented entire clubs for weekend, haven’t yet gone into any of them.  Afraid if I enter ostensibly science-fiction themed television station’s bar I will be subjected to professional wrestling submission hold or low budget drink made for tax writeoff purposes.

Barkers line the road trying to get people to come to their places.  Drinks are all expensive.  Justifying by relying on happiness research which indicates splurging on vacations better for personal satisfaction than upgrading home, car, surround sound.  The science is on my side.  Made it Suntory time at bar, at recommendation of friend, fellow attorney, and max-level barbarian Myke.  Had relaxing time.

Day one of exhibitor floor entertaining.  Waltzed past the girl from Chuck who voiced and modeled Miranda, and found myself chatting unwittingly to the guy who created Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Overcome with joy and desired intensely to report the incident to my six year old self.  He will have to wait twenty years.

Assembling now to carouse with podcasters and friends from old MUD that none of us play anymore.  Will be good to catch up.  Further reports tomorrow if I survive.

Your Rotten Attorney,



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