FTB@SDCC : Episode 0



I have been cautioned that this place is a madhouse but I didn’t know it killed people.  If GenCon is nerd Woodstock it appears I am leaving its comforting embrace and heading for nerd Altamont.

It’s strange that we as a society are completely unprepared for this.  The mass hysteria of a sporting event or a presidential speech can be predicted and accommodated, but the world at large is still completely baffled by how and why 100,000 people can assemble and get psychotically unruly while waiting to talk about lasers and wizards and laser wizards.

It has come to my attention that one of the vampires in this book saves one of the self-loathing teenage girls from exactly such a death.   So if Hall H has some kind of Shining and it claims me, it had better be by a hail of poison-tipped orc arrows or a warp drive leak that I heroically but fatally repair.

No matter.  The week’s business is finished, I have traded my suit for jeans and a polo, and beer number one of who-knows-how-many is settling evenly in my stomach.  I will meet with Dan and Pat in short order, and then link up with many more of my nerd friends from all around the country for a trip into the swollen, palpitating heart of nerd culture.

I’m excited.  I’ll tell you what I find.

Your Rotten Attorney,


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goatunitJuly 12th, 2012 at 6:54 am

Godspeed, Mr. Duke.

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