San Diego Comic-Con coverage

As we mentioned on the show, John, Pat, and I will be in San Diego for Comic-Con this weekend.  During that time, we’ll be providing coverage on the blog and also audio interviews with some folks from the gaming industry.  John has also committed to provide a “Fear and Loathing in San Diego” comedic commentary, and Pat will undoubtedly have his camera loaded with the things you’d expect him to photograph.  For anyone new to the show, that’s pretty much just hot cosplay girls.

Our tentative interview list includes author James Lowder, Patrick Kapera and Steve Hough of Crafty Games, Jamie Chambers of Signal Fire StudiosKeith Baker of Gloom and Eberron fame, and Heavy Metal pin-up artist Lorenzo Sperlonga (LINK IS NSFW!!!).  Obviously that list may change once we hit the ground, but I at least wanted to share what we have in mind.

If there are any booters going to SDCC, keep an eye out for us!  And for those of you at home, be sure to watch this space Thursday through Sunday for what I hope will be some great coverage.

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SethalidosJuly 9th, 2012 at 5:57 pm

Also any booters going to SDCC PM me your info on the forums so I can add you to the listing of people to go do stuff.

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