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First, a note on what this is:

My kids love games.  My family has a weekly board/card game night that myself, my wife, and my kids all take part in.  On top of that, my kids have, with some help from parents, organized a gaming group that has a regular rotation and gives everyone a chance to get together and share new games with friends.  As a result, they’ve played a lot of games.

Recently, the idea came up of the kids starting a game review column.  This is the first installment.  Hopefully it will be helpful for those of you out there searching for good games to play with your own clans.  The first installment of what I hope will be an ongoing series is Oz Fluxx.

With no further ado, on with the reviews.

First up is Shiloh, age 15.

Oz Fluxx, a game full of funny references and wild actions, was a mix between excitement and a small let down. After playing Zombie Fluxx, Martian Fluxx, and Fluxx with all of the additional packs, Oz Fluxx was cute, but lacked new rules and interaction with the other players.

You start off with the basic rules, draw one, play one. The game is filled with the original rules, such as keeper limits, plays and draws. In fact, it seemed like that was all the game contained. I felt as if the rules were much more dull than I expected.

However, the keepers were cute and all Oz themed. You had the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, and Dorothy. You also had Keepers that were the silver slippers, the yellow brick road, and the Hot Air Balloon. They kept the game Oz themed, and not just like the original game.

There were a few particular rules that were Oz themed, such as, “Green Spectacles” which allows people who are wearing glasses or green clothing to draw and play an extra card. Another special rule is, “Magic Shoes” This allows players to click their heels three times and gain a card and play it. It would not count as one of the draw or play actions. While these are all fun, there are only a small number of Oz-themed special rules in the deck.

The actions were mostly general. Some had different names that went along with the Oz theme. One is, “It’s a Cyclone!” This action allows you to gather up all the keepers and creepers from the table and the discard pile and deal them out, starting with yourself. There’s another action with the name of “Ozma’s Decree”. This action allows all players to choose a “New Rule” from their hand and set them in front of you. You get to choose one, and discard the remainders. These are fun to play, when they come up, but the most actions that come up are the ones that are in other editions of Fluxx.

The Goals are all Oz themed, of course. They hold different goals you must reach, such as having Dorothy and Kansas (No Place Like Home), or having the Scarecrow and the Artificial Brain (The Smartest Dummy), or having Kansas and the Hot Air Balloon (Next Stop: Kansas!). They all are fun to read, and have very cute pictures to see.

Finally, the creepers are cutely Oz themed. You have “The Fighting Trees”, “The Wicked Witch Of The East”, “The Wicked Witch Of The West”, and “The Flying Monkeys”. Of course, if you have one of these, you cannot win, unless the goal says otherwise.

My final opinion on this game varies. It is very fun to play, and while the game does not last long, it has many cute references and different strategies. This is a very good take-along game if you have a few people to play with. It’s conveniently short. However, it does not hold so many Oz themed Actions and Rules. It was quite interesting and fun to play, though. I would suggest this game to any buyer.

Next in line is Eowyn, age 11.

OZ Flux is a game that always changes.

How do you play? Well, what you do is you start with a basic card. The card will say, “draw one play one”. That is what you begin with, but in the deck there are lots of “New Rules”. The new rules have different rules you may use.  Other than New Rules there are Actions, Keepers, Goals, Creepers, and Surprises. The actions are actions you can do with your cards. You use them once, then you put them in the discard pile. You do not need them to win, unlike keepers. I would say the game makers did a good job on the pictures for these cards. How you use these cards is: when you play a keeper card you set it in front of you and hope it will help you win. The next thing you would ask is: how do you win? How you win is some of your keepers could mach a goal. If you have the right Keepers or Creepers you win. Normally you can not win with Creepers but on certain goals you can. Then the last type of card is the surprise cards. There are four of these cards in the game. There is the one that will help you with actions. The one that will help you with keeper cards. There is one that helps with new rule cards and the one that helps with goal cards. These cards unlike other cards can be played at any time.

I think they did a good job making the game. I really think it is a fun game. You can play it really often because it only takes about half a hour and some times only fifteen minutes.

Finally, a succinct review from Xander, age 6.

This is a fun game!

Each of them also gave numeric ratings for the game, as follows:

Art: (Shiloh 5) (Eowyn 10) (Xander 5) —Average: 6.7

Style: (Shiloh 7) (Eowyn 7) (Xander 6) — Average: 6.7

Gameplay: (Shiloh 8) (Eowyn 6) (Xander 10) — Average 8

Overall: (Shiloh 8) (Eowyn 7) (Xander 10) — Average: 8.3

I hope some of you found this helpful.  If you have comments or suggestions, feel free to email us at  Also let us know if there’s a specific game you’d like to hear a review of.  Our family game nights run the range from Agricola to Uno, and we always like to try out new ones!

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HalApril 27th, 2012 at 9:45 am

What a great idea! I hope my own kids, whenever I get around to having them, will enjoy playing games with their old man.

I enjoy playing Fluxx, although the variations on it are starting to feel a little too derivative. It makes me think of the endless versions of Monopoly; each version brings something different to the table but keeps the formula more-or-less the same.

SithMay 1st, 2012 at 4:00 pm

I think it’s awesome that your kid’s name is Eowyn

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