Episode 61 – psychology and roleplaying

* John’s cougar.

* Fear the Boot has been nominated for an ENnie Award!  Don’t forget to vote here!

* Power 16 update.  You can see the current bracket here and vote for the next round here.

* Selecting the game your group is going to play.

* The psychological effects of playing a roleplaying game.

* Representing psychological problems in a roleplaying game.

* Mike’s PSA.

Hosts: Adam, Dan, John, Mike

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PhilOfCalthJuly 18th, 2014 at 9:30 am

I’m working on a Sci-Fi game with a strong psychological theme. I’ve got a table with 80 psychological ailments ranging from nervous twitches and bad habits to stress related catatonic disorders and tourrettes. I have built in a mechanic to allow players to ignore them out of convenience, but that causes more stress (insanity points) and can lead to worse afflictions.

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