Episode 222 – board games

* (0:33) We welcome back Jeff while Chad welcomes Cee Lo Green.  Be sure to check out Jeff’s podcast,  Gaming Asylum via their website or iTunes page.  This leads into anecdotes about picking domain names.

* (6:49) Raina’s Wings charity auction. Post your ideas here or on the forums.

* (11:01) We begin talking about board games, starting with the divergence of RPG and board game culture.

* (24:22) Some advice to people trying a board game for the first time, and also some advice to the experienced players introducing newbies to a game.

* (27:10) Picking the right product to buy.  Finding out what game titles are available, understanding the nomenclature used to describe them, and using a variety of resources to help in your decision-making process.

* (47:52) We suggest a few of our favorite games, and Jeff tries to match at least one title to each of our tastes.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Jeff, Pat, Wayne

NOTE: You can find the list of resources and game titles we mentioned in this blog post.

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JoshuaFebruary 25th, 2011 at 6:12 am

I really do reccomend Pandemic, it was the first proper board game i got, it got my parents and their friends playing it, my friends playing it and people younger than me playing it. Its simple enough to play in half an hour and its simple but very difficult, especially since my mother demanded we play on heroic difficulty!
If there ever was a game to get non gamers playing its pandemic, although my mother’s boyfriend(40) now has an odd obsession with the game Munchkin, and frequently quotes cards such as ‘the duck of the apocalypse’.

OgreboyFebruary 28th, 2011 at 9:50 pm

As a recovering Carcasonne addict, I have to point out that, although with new players, several players and/or many explansions the game may be friendly and semi-cooperative, as an experienced two-player game with limited expansions it is _extremely_ cut-throat.

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