Episode 204 – international round table, part 1

* (0:59) Introducing the panel: Itamar from Israel, Jenny from Sweden, and Shane from Ireland.

* (4:24) A discussion about LARPing in Europe quickly shifts into a conversation about gaming organizations, governmental support for hobbies, and the diverse levels of trust regarding such things.  You can find pictures of the Russian Fallout LARP here.  You can find out more about Sverok here.

* (16:29) Differing cultural views on alcohol, conventions, cosplayers, and the party aspect of some segments of gaming.  Also how our views of authority and government affect our gaming culture.

* (19:38) Back to the original topic of LARPing!  Shane did some recordings on their airsoft LARP in Sweden which you can find on their show’s feed.  Social organization in game organizations proves itself inextricable once again.

* (27:27) The gaming scene in our respective countries.  How people learn about games, find community, and stay tapped into news or events.  What gamer shame looks like (or if it exists at all) across the pond.  Included is a brief discussion of the story from a few years ago about the Israeli army allegedly discriminating against roleplayers and the effect compulsory military service has on the gaming populace.

* (39:34) Is the gaming hobby in decline?  Or is it just the industry?  How new gamers are being brought into the hobby and old ones being retained.  You can find out more about Read an RPG Book in Public Week on The Escapist.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Itamar, Jenny, Shane

In part two, we talk about the impact of local religion on gaming, the titles that are popular in various countries, English as a barrier to gaming, and more!  We hope you’ll join us then.

In closing, I’d like to provide some additional information on our guests:

Itamar is a regular host of the Hamishakia podcast, which has a feed dedicated to their English language episodes.

Jenny is an artist with an online gallery of her work.

Shane is a host of The Adventuring Party podcast.

Comments (2)

tirsdenSeptember 17th, 2010 at 7:46 am

I already wanted to move to Sweden. If only my housing voucher worked there…

Anyways, based off comments on a recent NPC Comic in which a character describes D&D as “WoW with snacks”, tabletop gaming companies have been selling it all wrong. They should use that line. xD

(Yeah yeah, that kinda implies that tabletop gaming is all combat and grindquests but it’s a start!)

AndrewDecember 18th, 2010 at 2:04 am

In Houston, Texas I used to have 3 FLGS within 5 miles of my house. Sadly all three closed though. Well, 2 closed, and the third (my favorite) closed because the owner got really sick, so they moved somewhere with a hospital that specialized in their illness.

I got into in High School because I saw people in a store playing it when I went in to buy another game. Came out with DnD instead.

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