Episode 178 – GM and player notes

* (0:35) Dan makes a confession.

* (4:07) Fear the Con 3!

* (4:43) Soliciting questions for the upcoming episode on gamer health.

* (7:05) How Chad keeps his incidental GM decisions straight without notes.

* (17:08) Preparing the right amount of notes.

* (18:12) Notes and improv for a game’s opening scene.

* (24:02) Using the conclusion of one session to help kick off the next one.

* (26:18) How notes (or improv) affect the GM’s game style.

* (28:38) Crossing styles.

* (31:52) Getting back to the structure of game notes.

* (35:51) Notes don’t need to be a script.

* (42:10) The notes you take during the game.  You can create a free Wiki here.

* (48:52) The “what’s really going on” document.

* (50:55) An example from our current game.

* (54:45) Notes kept by the players.

* (57:59) Background notes on your own character.

* (1:00:03) Noticing your ruts.

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, Pat, Wayne

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AaronJanuary 26th, 2010 at 2:22 pm

This episode was amazing. As a GM I LOVED hearing about the different ways you all take and keep campaign notes, how detailed they are, how you wing it and so on. Excellent episode – thanks!

paganFebruary 23rd, 2010 at 9:33 pm

Great dialog on GMing styles regarding notes. Once again reminded me that, like other aspects of gaming, there is no “right” way. Do what works for you to ensure that the story is told and enjoyed by all at the table.

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