Episode 20 – Shaken not Stirred
by Dan Repperger

You should quickly realize this episode isn’t quite right.  This is part of a promotion that’s being done between a dozen gaming podcasts.  One week in September, each show will be run by the hosts of a different show.  The strangers you’re hearing on Fear the Boot are Mick and Rae from  Misfit Brew.  In this show, Mick and Rae talk about RPGs, focusing on Rae’s impressions of the hobby as a non-gamer.

If you want to hear your “home team” FTB hosts, you can find us over at the Roundtable.  For a direct link to the show we did for them, click right here.

A big thanks to Mick for hosting this show and letting us host one of his!  And let me wrap this up by giving you the relevant links for Mick and Rae…

Contested Ground Studios (where Rae’s friend Iain publishes games)

Rae’s Blog: http://www.raesblog.blog.co.uk

Mick’s Blog: http://mick.harpingmonkey.com

Hosts: Mick, Rae

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Jason EtheridgeDecember 4th, 2012 at 9:29 pm

Hey guys, love the show. Do you happen to have a copy of the show you did for Roundtable? The link no longer works and my google-fu has failed me.


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