Who were you at FTC XI ?

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Re: Who were you at FTC XI ?

Postby Heart of Darkness » Mon Jun 25, 2018 11:23 pm

Slot 1, MLP Stable of Horrors: Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship

Slot 2, Fast Sword and Sorcery: Pendra Ironshield, Female Human Fighter and obligate carnivore.

Slot 3, Scooby vs. the Army of Darkness: Fred, pussy-whipped ninja.

Slot 4, Camelot Trigger: Lady Dindrane, Knight of Venus and pilot to the Matriarch.

Slot 5, The Witches of Hogwarts: Morana Hylsop, one half of a pair of creepy psychic twins whose telepathic connection endured past her sister's death.

Slot 6, Battle on Monster Island: The mother-fucking Titanosaurus, who can lift a 200,000 ton oil tanker but can't hold his liquor.
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Re: Who were you at FTC XI ?

Postby Save-vs-DM » Tue Jun 26, 2018 3:12 am

Slot 1: I GMed Masters of Umdarr. Only two of my players showed up, and one was my buddy, but hey.
Slot 3: I ran InSpectres. All hail reverse Jesus!
Slot 4: I ran Camelot Trigger. I had an awesome table, so thanks guys! Only a few unfamiliar faces. Oh, and the rata were saved!
Slot 6: I played in the Magic draft. I was the guy who almost won but TooTall took me out. I was the guy who won EDH with the Allies deck. I expect my death come FTC 12. Thanks, Marchesa player, for the Shiner Bocks. I know your face, but forgot your name. I do remember you’re from Texas (I think).

My apologies to Chad and my slot 2 GM. The weight of age got the better of me and I just died. I blame Brodeur and Matt, the architects of my destruction.

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Re: Who were you at FTC XI ?

Postby clintmemo » Tue Jun 26, 2018 4:47 am

Save-vs-DM wrote:Slot 4: I ran Camelot Trigger. I had an awesome table, so thanks guys! Only a few unfamiliar faces. Oh, and the rata were saved!

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Re: Who were you at FTC XI ?

Postby Chad » Tue Jun 26, 2018 10:19 am

Save-vs-DM wrote:
My apologies to Chad and my slot 2 GM. The weight of age got the better of me and I just died. I blame Brodeur and Matt, the architects of my destruction.

Oh you were in the game. :twisted:

No worries, man!

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Re: Who were you at FTC XI ?

Postby Chad » Tue Jun 26, 2018 2:13 pm

Slot 1 - I was 1/3 of a woman.

Slot 2 - I was an alcoholic who discovered the joys of laudanum.

Slot 3 - I was a 23 year old High School Sophomore.

Slot 4 - I was the show runner for Telemundo's telenovela: Totalmente no Star Trek: La ira de MontalKahn

Slot 5 - I was the devil with golden teeth.

Slot 6 - I was a 16 year old ninja vampire clone of another ninja's dead brother.

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Re: Who were you at FTC XI ?

Postby Burning » Tue Jun 26, 2018 7:42 pm

Slot 1: Sign - "Bird"

Slot 2: Secret of Sokol keep - Morgin, the Dwarven Cleric who save the day with a letter of introduction

Slot 3: Churcher's Traveler game - Jillian, the archaeologist mysteriously working for a merc outfit, who panicked the crowd at a rock concert with her traditional archaeologist's S&W revolver.

Slot 4: GM for The Ride of Grayman Robbie

Slot 5: Islands in the Sky - Arvah the Monk (being generally ineffectual in combat as monks will be)
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Re: Who were you at FTC XI ?

Postby Darth Xentus » Tue Jun 26, 2018 8:43 pm

Pre-Con Gaming: The guy who brought Cards Against Humanity

Slot 1: Adventures in Filbar - Colony of Neogi (DnD 5e Module); OmaGina the Halfling Warlock

Slot 2: The Hunt for the Shimaju; DM. Everyone was great and we had a grand time despite some technical difficulties getting DNDBeyond to work how I wanted it. This was a good game for me because it showed me that I can run an engaging mystery. Had to cut a bunch of content due to the technical issues, but I managed to hit all the major beats of the adventure that I planed.
(@Dan, Expect Nigel to return in the next installment. For you. Regardless of what Character you play)

Slot 3: Lucky Sempai High: Third Years; DM

Slot 4: Odyssey - [Homebrew]; Sea Breeze, the Reindeer Spirit of Yule. This was the most fulfilling game I ever played. Hands down. And I can't really put it into words just how much this game moved me.

Slot 5: TORG Equestria; DJ-Pon3. I saw early on Trixe would likely try to backstab the party at the end, so I began hoarding resources to combat that eventuality. Thankfully, Derpy saved us all with a secret letter to Starlight Glimmer. So Frendship(?) wins out once more.

Slot 6: MonsterHearts Prom; Notch Redstone, the Hollow. A sort of Frankenstein monster type Built by mad scientists in Sweeden sent to America for Project: Beta Test. Built with both sets of genitalia. Only got to bone one of the other PCs. It was confusing for both of us. Gazed into the abyss and got a raging boner and used inflation fetish to kill some spider monster. It was a time. And it was good.
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Re: Who were you at FTC XI ?

Postby Spammy V » Tue Jun 26, 2018 11:13 pm

Slot 1: Paranoia
Steve, the Science Officer, who was great at fiddling with machines and fixing things. Otherwise he was dense as lead and dumber than a post, slowly stumbling through obvious implications and taking something like two minutes to decide to cut the wire to the self-destruct bomb. Managed to save us from radiation, but did not manage to stop asking who the "No One" was that was allowed to be near the stealth train.

Slot 2: Roasters
Mitchell, the guy in sales. Y'know honestly I think every attempt at talking, diplomacy, or persuasion except for the last one ended not only in failure but in my character getting manhandled, punched, and tiger clawed. I'm really not sure how I was supposed to be a good salesman. Roasters was a hell of a good time though.

Slot 3: Robot Apocalypse
Fredericks, the guy who had one good stat: combat. That was my only good roll during character reaction. We didn't actually stop the robot apocalypse, but we learned enough to drop it on someone else's jurisdiction, so it was a job well done.

Slot 4: Mobile Frame Gundam
Darryl Archideld, loyal Titans officer. My decision to blow myself up in a suicide attempt to kill a Newtype was ABSOLUTELY NOT part of any denial of my own Newtype status because THERE'S NOTHING TO DENY I WAS 100% HUMAN.

Slot 5: Genesys
Sinxim, the Gnomish Inquisitor who somehow completely missed that he was travelling with a shadow mage for the entire adventure, even though we had like five incredibly nerdy conversations about magic. There was no shadow mage. The evil smoke coming out of his staff was just special effects, and I certainly never saw him doing anything deviant or evil.

Slot 6: Magic
I played myself and became a man who possesses salt. Salt that I will resolve next year. In blood.

Or by beating people at a trading card game.

Azhrei Vep wrote:Slot 4 - Mobile Frame Gundam: Totally got bait-and-switched. This was not powered by the Apocalypse in the slightest. But, once things got explained and moving, it was cool anyway. I was Glenallen Mixam, the fanatically loyal commander of the Titans' Themis Squad, out to bring order and righteousness to the solar system, no matter how many people's necks I have to put my boot to. When called to make a personal attack, I considered reminding someone that they work for space Nazis all that really needed to be said, made a habit of piloting out of date MSes, and eventually sacrificed myself to save a squadmate in the climactic battle at the Gryps orbital laser.

Glen... were we the baddies?
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Re: Who were you at FTC XI ?

Postby xsgtdanusmc » Wed Jun 27, 2018 1:10 pm

If you don't know who I am, you must be an FtC n00b (glad you showed up).

Slot 1: Firefly-We Got Local Color Happening (Mal Reynolds). Woody Babb ran the game. I met him when I was in STL in January. He has a generic system, FAST, that has their first official printing.

Slot 2: HarnMaster (GM). Folks found and fought the bandits to liberate the earl's loan payment. Next year will be taking the payment to the dwarven banker.

Slot 3: FFG Star Wars-Escape (The Bothan senator's aid). I always do enjoy the FFG Star Wars system.

Slot 4: Savage Worlds RPD Glow Squad (GM). My superhero/police procedural game. They saved the kidnapped 8-year old son of a billionaire industrialist.

Slot 5: X-Squad: Piece of Cake (Hannibal Smith). Steve did a great job of blending A-Team and X-Files.

Slot 6: Fiasco, Los Angeles-1936 (Ken Hooker, Private Eye). That game had a PC suicide at the end of Act 1 and a twist so noir I thought Humphrey Bogart would walk through the door.

It was a great con, even with the raw voice and no A.C. in the P.O.V.
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Re: Who were you at FTC XI ?

Postby PsionicRanger » Sun Jul 01, 2018 12:26 am

Slot 1: I ran MLP and the Dread Stables of Horrors. It was a MLP take on the classic DnD adventure.

Slot 2: I played in Wayne's eXiles game. I was Cyclops with a Symbiote. Lots of fun!

Slot 3: I ran Dread: Season of the Swamp Beast. Used a huge tumbling tower with 3 players. Only 1 character didn't make it out alive.

Slot 4: I ran City of Mist: Dirge on the Promenade. Heroes investigated the death of a young girl in 1986 Seattle. Turns out it all boiled down to a man imbued by the spirit of Canaanite god Molech.

Slot 5: Wyrmfell: I played Prof. Dinsmore. Turns out there was an actual dragon beneath the mound in the English Countryside in the 1920s. I ended up going crazy after going into the mound during the 20s and coming out in 2018.

Slot 6: I ran. Feng Shui: The Lotus and the Poppy. Heroes stopped a street drug in Tokyo that was transforming people exposed to the drug into monsters.

It was a fun Con!
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