Who were you at FTC XI ?

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Who were you at FTC XI ?

Postby clintmemo » Sun Jun 24, 2018 8:38 pm

Slot 1 - TORG Eternity: The Storm Knows Your Name
Bob, aka The Crimson Shadow.
"Hey, it's just me, Bob."
"You just missed the Crimson Shadow - again! Wow that guy sure is ... intimidating!"

Slot 2 - Stuffed with Fluff... AND NIGHTMARES
Slithy - the very bitter and until recently, very unloved stuffed snake. He enjoys slithering, hypnotism and strangulation.

Slot 3 - Dread: Season of the Swamp Beast
The nitpicky insurance investigator. I can find fault with anything, as long as we don't have to file a claim.

Slot 4 - [Fate] Camelot Trigger
Sir Gawain The Green Knight
"Lords and Ladies, we must stop this hellbeast siege armor or it will certainly crush our drop ship and kill the innocent rats that live on board - and I won't have that."

Slot 5 - Savage Pulp Adventures: The Power Stone
Ivor - the German Mad Scientist Engineer
"Zere is something fishy in dat sausage shop. Ve must find out vat it is."

Slot 6 - Captain Beau Sludge - crooked army officer/pimp/future drug runner/future senator with accidental* angry Jimmy Stewart accent.

* seriously, it was an accident. I had to cup my ears in order to hear the person across the table. Once I started talking, two words in, my voice decided it had to match the AM-radio-like sounds my ears were hearing. It came out like a cross Jimmy Stewart without any stuttering, so I just went with it.
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Re: Who were you at FTC XI ?

Postby Mikel » Sun Jun 24, 2018 10:38 pm

I GMed all 6 slots.

Slot 1: Paranoia--Sometimes you discover a Foam Grenade will kind of wreak havok with a Stealth Train
Slot 2: Dusk City Outlaws--Sometimes a little explosion adds a lot of fun to illegal chariot racing.
Slot 3: Unknown Armies--Sometimes a guy seals your face up so you can't breath and someone else has to cut it open.
Slot 4: Project: Dark---Sometimes you let a Faerie Prince go free to burn down the manor he'd been imprisoned in.
Slot 5: Leverage---Sometimes you stop the big bad at a Ted Talk.
Slot 6: Dogs in the Vineyard---Sometimes you decide to give the Territories the people you know they'll kill so you can kill the ones you're not sure of as punishment for their crimes.
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Re: Who were you at FTC XI ?

Postby Wayne » Mon Jun 25, 2018 11:27 am

I want to thank all my players in both games I ran. I'm very happy with how they turned out.

Slot 1: I was The Guardian in the masks game. The Janis playbook and my character always smelled like fries.
Slot 2: I ran Exiles: Multiverse in Danger
Slot 3: I was Daphne the Barbarian in ScoobyDoo vs the Army of Darkness
Slot 5: Wakana the elderly merchant just returned to Cahokia in the Murder in Cahokia game.
Slot 6: I ran Monsterhearts Prom.
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Re: Who were you at FTC XI ?

Postby terrus » Mon Jun 25, 2018 11:29 am

I’m the guy who let young ladies run around and play in your games. Thank you for the warm welcome they received and for all the people who ran a game and for those of you who played in the games with them.
Slot 1 I was the rock elemental that Rocked the boat and started a Rock band.
Slot 2 Ragged Richard the rag doll made sometime in the 1920s threadbare and loose stitched but thought he new how to talk. In the end he won the day with a little puppetry.
Slot 3 The Wookie who could slice through 3 troopers at a time. He protected the Bothan even if he was a racist. Should have asked for more credits.
Slot 4 Nathaniel the Kraken Librarian who saved some of his books all of his friends and lead the people to paradise.
Slot 5 The decapitated gnome who made the rock man angry. Now a client of the Hair Club.
Slot 6 I walked into Adam’s Childhood. Became Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes and may have saved a boy’s life but ruined the innocence of so many.

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Re: Who were you at FTC XI ?

Postby Azhrei Vep » Mon Jun 25, 2018 12:15 pm

I'm the one who generally showed up first and snatched a character before anyone else could have a look.

More specifically:

In Slot 1 - Masks: I was Octavia Ottosen, the genius inventor/teenage superhero suffering from early-onset Amytrophic Lateral Schlerosis. Also known as Miss Octopus (because MIT is really stingy about handing out doctorates to people who don't have high school diplomas yet. Bah), the creator of advanced nanotech ... that had fallen into villainous hands. I looked up to The Guardian (Wayne) as an example of proper heroism, and had a totally-not-obvious crush my our edgy younger teammate, "Gray Edge".

In Slot 2 - eXiles (Savage Worlds): I was the strangely quiet* Spider-Man from a version of reality where Peter didn't survive Kraven's hunt, and Ben Reilly took over his life permanently. I thought that goopy black costume alternate-universe Cyclops had seemed pretty rad, and got to (briefly) ride a T-Rex.
*The room we were in was soooo loud this slot. It was so awful that I probably would have walked from most other GMs within twenty minutes just to get away from it.

In Slot 3 - Dungeon World: I was Sir Jonathan, Paladin of the god of Revels, Fertility, and the protection of children: Patroper! I threw myself in front of enemy attacks meant for others at every possible opportunity, kissed Johann to make it all better, and eventually died to make sure a teammate survived.

Then I slept. Very soundly. I was so tired, y'all.

Slot 4 - Mobile Frame Gundam: Totally got bait-and-switched. This was not powered by the Apocalypse in the slightest. But, once things got explained and moving, it was cool anyway. I was Glenallen Mixam, the fanatically loyal commander of the Titans' Themis Squad, out to bring order and righteousness to the solar system, no matter how many people's necks I have to put my boot to. When called to make a personal attack, I considered reminding someone that they work for space Nazis all that really needed to be said, made a habit of piloting out of date MSes, and eventually sacrificed myself to save a squadmate in the climactic battle at the Gryps orbital laser.

Slot 5 - TORG Equestria: I reprised my role as Trrrixie, the Grrreat and Powerful! Now an Alicorn and, after the splitting of the world, a resident of the Nightmare realm, with dark powers and and a spoooky makeover to match. I ... really didn't care that much about fixing the world, I just wanted my friend unstuck from time and space. To that end, I made things harder on pretty much everybody, only occasionally on purpose, and hoarded resources that would enable me to turn the party as effectively as possible once my friend was liberated. ... But alas, before I could join her, she got terrified into submission. So I guess I'll just be taking Starlight Glimmer to therapy now, instead. C'est la Vie.

Slot 6 - Monsterhearts 'Prom': Due to general player fuckery, we never actually got around to a prom. In fact, we barely got around to the next day. I was the short werewolf with impulse control issues that got a date with two chicks to prom, assaulted a few people, kidnapped someone, murdered and ate several people, and ultimately woke up wearing a woman's skin as a blanket. It was kind of a weird night. But hey, that's what happens when you follow around a literal manic pixie (dream girl status: Debatable). Ah well, two chicks at the same can brain bleach any bad memories away. ... right? Right?
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Re: Who were you at FTC XI ?

Postby DJZachLorton » Mon Jun 25, 2018 4:38 pm

Slot 1 - It Was a Mutual Decision. I was more of a facilitator than GM, since it's a GM-less game, but I played a man in a relationship (along with my female co-players) who was going to split from the woman in that relationship, played by 3 other guys. Honestly, I can't remember the name we chose for the guy, but he had no ambition. About anything.

Slot 2 - GM for Roasters, a game I created about baristas and employees at a coffee roasting company who find out their bosses are wanted criminals using the business as a front.

Slot 3 - GM for The Ring of Power Main Event, as well as the commentator calling all the play-by-play shots in the ring while the stables of SLAW (St. Louis Amateur Wrestling) fought against a chimaera, a minotaur, and a dragonado.

Slot 4 - GM for Everyone Versus the Dragon, the game chosen by the players at the Random Plot, Seat-Of-Your-Pants Tearable RPG One Shot Event.

Next year, if I don't have to work, I swear I'm going to play in something and not just run all my games.
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Re: Who were you at FTC XI ?

Postby Zanian0 » Mon Jun 25, 2018 5:10 pm

Slot 1: Signs - "X"

Slot 2: Mouseguard - Carla the Giant Slayer. I killed both a giant armored toad and a weasel. Also I was technically the healer.

Slot 3: Inspectres - Rock Thompson, star Quarterback and Monster Energy drink enthusiast. Did I mention that my dad owns a dealership?

Slot 4: Camelot Trigger - "You find yourself alone in the void with only the stars surrounding you. Sir Bors reaches out and places a hand on your chest..."

Slot 5: A Killing in Cahokia - Mitain, the viper in the midst. I live only to serve.

Slot 6: Shinobigami - Chadow, the "specially" endowed, german frau, BDSM practioning ninja.
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Re: Who were you at FTC XI ?

Postby Morgan_Lockbreaker » Mon Jun 25, 2018 6:54 pm

I was the Team Leader in Mikel's Paranoia game.

Antman in Wayne's eXiles's game.

Jimmy "The Sledge" Wilson in Zach's Ring of Power Main Event game. I got the pin on the Minotaur.

Post-Mortem, the undead sniper, in David's City of Mist game.

Murdock in Runester's X-Squad game.

And Butch Lee, the nunchuk wielding martial artist, in David's Feng Shui 2 game.

You may have also played Fuji Flush with me on Thursday night after Mickey's show.
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Re: Who were you at FTC XI ?

Postby Greybird » Mon Jun 25, 2018 8:24 pm

Slot 1, Torg Eternity: The Storm Knows Your Name - I was Max, the Realm Runner. As a jack of all trades, I didn't really shine, but I supported the hell out of everyone else!

Slot 2, Mouse Guard - I was Markus, the First Mate. My plans didn't quite save the day, but they didn't quite get us all killed, either.

Slot 3, Star Wars: Escape - I was Cha Colin, the Mon Calamari engineer and saboteur. For such a large group (we had 8), that one went really well.

Slot 4, Raleigh Police Department Glow Squad - I was Dr. Bernard Friedman, PhD, gadgeteer. We saved the kid, and we all went home. Not too bad!

Slot 5, - I sat this one out to man the registration table.

Slot 6, Night Terrors: Genesys, Fantasy Setting - Ydru'ir, priest. This being the last slot, we had a couple of people not show up and ended up running with just two of use. Nonetheless, it went really well. The side effect was that was intended as a dark near-horror investigation ended up being a dark comedy buddy cop movie, and it worked really well that way.

Part of my plan this time was to try out a couple of systems I've either never played (Mouse Guard, Torg, Genesys) or hadn't played in a long time (FFG Star Wars) and see if any of them are a good fit for my current group and style. I've decided that I'll likely skip out on both Star Wars and Genesys. Both are more fiddly than what I tend to play these days, although both games were very well run. Torg I'm putting into serious consideration. It was a lot of fun, and reminded me of what I liked about the system when I ran the old version in the 90s (I still have a whole shelf of stuff for it, too.) Mouse Guard was fantastic, and is going on my short list.

So, thanks to all the GMs who put up with my spinning head (extended periods of noise do that to me), and to the organizers!

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Re: Who were you at FTC XI ?

Postby fenrisnorth » Mon Jun 25, 2018 11:23 pm

I was in the vendor room the whole time bent over a pad of paper, except for slot 6 when I played in the Scooby Doo vs the Army of Darkness game, as Daphne the Murder Whirlwind.
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