Game 6 Notes

The ongoing adventures of 3 dwarves, an elf who loves dwarves, and a human who wants to be a dwarf as they try and find a home.
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Game 6 Notes

Postby John » Tue Oct 24, 2017 10:14 am

Game 6 Notes:

1. Visible effects of my own exhaustion! I missed people in the turn order a couple times and started to roll 2d20s for enemy skill checks. I had just come off of a pretty hard-partying 3 day weekend wrapped around a cousin's wedding (Thurs-Sun) with relatives and friends in from all over the country. On Monday itself I got up, drove 2 hours back from my hometown to get to work, worked a full day, and then ran the game. I needed to do a 3 hour long mentally involved performance activity on Monday night like I needed a nail driven into my eyeball, but I still had fun and think the players did too. I just screwed up running some things because it was sleepytime.

2. The dam! This babbling brook isn't going to be able to flood the entire world but I'll make this level of the dungeon a swampy mess before the flood waters can find the other drain down into the sinkhole that already exists (and that Enna almost had to roll against slipping into, before she decided not to actually go into the room). There's some source on the gricks (maybe the module, maybe the 5E MM) that says it's actually common practice for intelligent underdark denizens to Cask of Amontillado them and then loot their lairs much later once they've starved to death. So credit to the PCs for trying that against the stirges, even though Dan's sonic bomb was more than enough to kill the few stirges that hadn't already attacked and destroy their nest.

3. Ed subverted the key element of the dungeon with Knock but hey I like subversion. It looks like they might sweep the place and fight everything else anyway (at least the bear) so let's see what they do. The bear can be convinced to merely saunter off if anyone has an appropriate skill or spell but I have a feeling they're just gonna fight it. Unless they can kill the troglodyte that's trying to release it first.

4. Chris' overlay looks great. We will have to dink with it a bit to have the faces fit but it looks so much better now that he's made it and Dan's figured out how to make it all fit.

Game 7 prep post to come later.

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