SoG AP Episode 0001

The ongoing adventures of the crew of Miss Lily's Vine.
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Re: SoG AP Episode 0001

Postby Chad » Mon Aug 28, 2017 3:27 pm

whdr02 wrote:I just finished the last episode and I HATE YOU!! I don't like waiting.

It was a cliff hanger for all of us. :lol:

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Re: SoG AP Episode 0001

Postby ScoobyThulu » Tue Aug 29, 2017 5:52 pm

Dan wrote:I was just thinking about this yesterday. We're now five play sessions in, and apart from slap-fight level stuff, there's only been one moment of violence that directly involved the PCs. In other words, one fight in 15 - 20 hours of play. It felt so counter-intuitive when I put numbers to it.

While I suppose most of our games have more violence than that, it's not atypical of our play style to have long periods of RP, sans any bloodshed.

The thing is, at least with my players, those RP heavy sessions are like some of their favorite ones, mine too.
We've had some adventure heavy games that were so much fun and adventure heavy doesn't necessarily mean combat heavy. I think there is a subtle difference.
And there is nothing wrong with mat and minis coming out or if nothing is happening walk across the room and punch someone, that usually makes something happen.
If the story is good and the characters are "there" (PC and NPC) then it doesn't matter if it's role play or roll play or both.
"Story construction is alchemy, not science." - Robin D. Laws

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