Ep26- Spoilerfic Post, do not read if avoiding spoilers for ep26

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Ep26- Spoilerfic Post, do not read if avoiding spoilers for ep26

Postby geraldkw » Fri Aug 10, 2018 9:56 pm

Alas, poor Boone, we knew him, not that well, honestly.

It kind of unnerved me when Dan said something to the effect of "Everything goes black".

Skies of Glass is the Gotham City of RPGs in some ways. Other superhero cities get saved by the hero and go back to being shining and beautiful testaments to the ingenuity of man and reflections of divine providence, but when Batman stops the Joker or Riddler or Mad Gloveboy or whoever from destroying the city, the city is still a place of fear and death. In a sense, Batman is only delaying the inevitable for the citizens of Gotham and that is that the city will devour them one way or another.

That doesn't mean that the villains who invoke this as excuse or provocation to the destroy it all and end the awfulness are even remotely in the right, but you definitely get where they are coming from.

I think facing death in RPGs has positives and negatives. On one hand, it let's us deal with the subject from a somewhat safe distance, but at the same time, it's more immersive than just seeing some character die on TV or reading it in a novel. That character isn't you but a lot of what makes the character who they are is you, so in a way, part of you dies.

The good news is, it's a part of you that can't really die. You can't really kill ideas, and you take those ideas forward with you even if you are no longer exploring them in the same framework(i.e. that character).

I apologize for the bit of rambling in this post, but I think every death in this AP is going to get to me somewhat (even if it's a GM PC (ahem, Molly))because even though I am not playing the character I am thinking about how I would play the character, and getting more invested in their story than I would be in a standard fictional character, and though tI don't always want to play RPGs where my character can die from stray bullets or falling off a roof with little recourse, I think there is an experience in games where life is more fragile that touches closer to real life than in more cinematic games.

Except, Gil, he can die because he's an asshole. :)

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