Story Generation Tools List

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Story Generation Tools List

Postby Sion » Wed Nov 16, 2016 3:03 pm

I am back. Sorry for my long absence.

What I have in mind are tools that help get one out of writers block or help kick start a story. Items like Story Cubes. They can also be books of story prompts or RPG source books. I have a small collection of my own and I want to create a master list of Story Generation Tools (also if there is a better term for this then tell me). I will provide my thoughts/review of each project later. Please Provide Links.

    1. Story Cubes--This was the first Story Generation Tool that I was ever introduced to (thanks Fear the Boot for that episode). I immediately bought it and was not disappointed. It uses basic images rather than concepts/words as a way of stirring up story ideas. And the images are general enough that it can easily be translated to any genre you have in mind. I bought every Story Cube set that is available and it is one of the first things that I turn to when I am stumped.
    2. Story Forge--Story Forge is very provocative. It is a terot card design with each card having two sides of a concept (e.g. health vs. sickness) that range from emotions, status, character roles, virtues, vices, and others that I am forget. The set comes with a small booklet with suggestions on how to set up the cards to create characters and stories. I really love the design of the cards and the sheer amount of them lends to great ease to inspiration (because with Story Cubes quickly you have a seen all of the dice sides and start to associate them with established concepts in your head). Also the concepts are generic enough that it can easily be adapted for any genre.
    3. The Storymatic
    4. 99 Chances
    5. Ultimate Toolbox
    6. Zero Dice
    7. Zero Terot
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Re: Story Generation Tools List

Postby zircher » Wed Nov 16, 2016 4:12 pm

I have a few web toys that might help.

Zero Dice, random image tool with options for D6 and D10 if you need them.

Zero Tarot, a dealer of tarot cards (major arcana only, several decks to pick from.) [Just added three more decks.]

A tool for randomly generating space maps in a number of styles. The Uncharted Worlds setting adds a nice selection of key words for you to use.

Need something more random? Nerd Pride has Instant Game and this zany plot and setting generator that'll spark you fancy (or at least challenge you to put it all together.)

How about a bazillion magical girls for your fan-fic? Click the link and prepare for the time suck.

Robots (evil or misunderstood) come in many forms with lots of gadgets.

Gibberish is easy. Gibberish with a consistent structure requires a little more effort. This tool will get you speaking Jabbernarian in no time.

While Mekton Zeta may have faded away, this handy tool will fill in that character's missing backstory in a jiffy.

Oracles (in the modern indie RPG sense) use a deck of playing cards to randomize scene elements. Rewind is a light-weight story game system that has a variety of Oracles for various genres pick from and a nice frame work for telling time looping stories if you want to use it. (Free/PWYW)

It's Not My Future is inspired by Black Hat's It's Not My Fault cards and uses Fate Accelerated Edition (free) as the game engine. The card driven oracle in this document also allows you to create characters and scenes/revolting developments. (Free)

Some example stories written using Zero Tarot as the inspiration tool.
A Fairy's Tale, A Fool by Any Name, The Hollow Heart, and The Hermit's Tale

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