What Are You Working On?

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Re: What Are You Working On?

Postby JediSoth » Fri Nov 08, 2019 9:10 am

Summer of Crows is back from my editor and 3/5ths of my Beta Readers. I missed Gen Con (obviously) and GameHole Con. I did get two pre-orders at GameHole Con, however and I'm fairly confident I can get this done and ready to print by Thanksgiving.

After that, I need to work on Zack Jackson & The Ruins of Athos (book 5), then I've decided to have a crack at a choose-your-own-adventure style book (which I can't call that, because of legal reason). I'm thinking of calling it the "Your Calliome Adventures" line. I already have an idea for a trio of protagonists (in case I write more than one of them).

In the meantime, I need to blurb Summer of Crows... blurbin'... my nemesis.
Ten years after losing her love at the Battle of Drak-Anor, the sorceress Tasha has settled into a new life in the sleepy town of Curton. Once a prosperous mining community and home to a legendary witch, the Crow Queen, Curton’s glory days are long past. The mines dried up and the Crow Queen vanished over a generation ago, leaving nothing for Curton but agriculture and clay for pottery. The slow pace of selling herbs and serving as an apothecary seemed boring to some, but it suited Tasha fine.

Then the disappearances started.

Tracking the abductors to an abandoned mine, Tasha and her friend, Knight-Captain Lady Aveline, discover a greater threat to Curton, one that seeks to harness the primal chaos unleashed by Calliome’s sundering in ages past. While Aveline musters their allies, Tasha struggles to discover the secrets of the Crow Queen before those who seek to harness the destructive powers of chaos destroy them all.

Summer of Crows is a standalone novel set in the World of Calliome by award-winning author Hans Cummings.
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Re: What Are You Working On?

Postby zircher » Fri Nov 08, 2019 10:08 am

Cool, sound like an interesting story.

Well, it is November and that means SGAM and NaGaDeMon for me. I'm working on a solo hex crawl and letter writing game called Dear [Insert Name Here].

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