Short Run (1-4 Session) Savage Worlds Skype

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Short Run (1-4 Session) Savage Worlds Skype

Postby Breaker » Fri Jun 19, 2015 12:20 pm

Looking to put together a short term Savage Worlds campaign over Skype on Monday nights 6pm Central - 10 ish ( I try to wrap my games up 15 minutes early so that whatevers left to do at that point does not require dice rolling nor the entire party if some people need to hit the sack).

As far as the setting, I'm tossing around a few ideas, but I've settled on a generic setting with the following elements.

1) The Party are Witch/Demon/Evil hunters
2) Magic exists, Human Magic is rare
3) Technically we're so far post-apoc that things have become feudal again
4) Tech exists, but methods to recreate it are lost. Every modern armament is increased by 10x standard price. Computer technology is long since horded and unavailable.
5) About 50% combat focused, 25% exploration, 12.5 % Social, Rest is miscellaneous
6) Non system intensive, does not require pre knowledge of Savage Worlds or the desire to optimize

The actual story and stuff I'm still working on, I just want to run a game.

I'll accept up to 5 and come game night I'll run with atleast 3. If you're interested post here. Tomorrow night I will be putting a Reddit post up to fill remaining slots, but I'm trying to become involved here so I'm giving you guys first dibs. Trust me it'll be light hearted and fun!

( Skype will require Mic use, we are using the non-grid/mini based Savage Worlds rules )

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