"GhOSTs: A Combat Mecha RPG" [Game Temporarily Full]

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"GhOSTs: A Combat Mecha RPG" [Game Temporarily Full]

Postby SilentVectorX » Tue Aug 12, 2014 12:47 am

It is year 3013, and mankind has ventured about halfway to the galactic core of the Milky Way.

Just three years ago, it took the greatest united effort by humanity in centuries to eliminate a threat that had quite nearly crushed the heart of mankind, Earth itself. Certainly, there was a legitimate scientific name for them, but to soldiers and intelligence analysts, they were simply "The Enemy", or "Bugs". Untold billions of human lives were stricken from a galactic tally that was nearing 10 trillion. To this day, the chronicles of the final battles of the war remain shrouded in mystery. It seems unlikely the details will ever surface.

For the most part, there is very little tension between the galactic nations and corporations, but espionage and quiet skirmishes over resources occur throughout known space. The mighty Earth Strategic Forces of the Bug War have dispersed, leaving a only a small interstellar peacekeeping and police force.

We work for ESF's “GhOST” [Galactic Operations, Surveillance, and Targeting]. On paper it is a simple intelligence gathering and support agency... certainly not described with terms such as “covert/clandestine” or “special operations”.

Our home is the prototype “HANZO”, an unimposing Destroyer-class, which is actually a Stealth Assault Ship.

    Looking for 2-4 playtesters!
    Needed roles: Captain, XO, and a corps of pilots from all walks of life.
    This is a TTRPG hosted over the internet by forum posts and live sessions. This is not a videogame.
    Game system: FAE for RP situations, FATE custom for combat.
    Setting: Galaxy-spanning sci-fi mystery/space opera.
    Genre: Investigation, Intrigue/Espionage, Adventure, and of course FAST AND FURIOUS 'RIG COMBAT.
    Inspirations: Armored Core, Macross, Gundam UC, Mass Effect, and too many older Sci-Fi TTRPGs to list.
    YES: Galactic fast-travel, advanced cybernetics, advanced AI
    NO: Intelligent alien life, Magic/Psyonics
    Lethality/Difficulty: FATE is pretty "pulpy", meaning it takes a LOT to kill a character outright, unless they've got a deathwish.
    Character Sheets are in Google Docs split into two sections.
    “GhOST OPERATIVE PROFILE” https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Utz ... sp=sharing
    “GhOST PILOTING AND 'RIG INFO” https://docs.google.com/document/d/1An9 ... sp=sharing
    Collaboration between PCs encouraged to ensure a balanced squad. Every pilot and 'Rig gets at least one skill that is their exclusive forte.

PM me for my email address. We will RP throughout the week via forum post, and handle combat one session per week at most convenient time for all players. And remember, this is a test of a 1st draft homebrew, expect some minor rules changes.
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Re: [ONLINE] "GhOSTs: A Combat Mecha TTRPG" [FATE homebrew 1

Postby SilentVectorX » Wed Aug 13, 2014 1:14 am

IC thread here:

OOC Discussion here:

- Applications temporarily closed.

- I will update in one week if anyone drops out. At that time, I will also post a next-update-date for conclusion of testing, when additional slots will be available for certain.

- Thanks for looking!

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