Vulgarity guidelines

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Vulgarity guidelines

Postby Lachisus » Tue Dec 01, 2015 11:37 pm

Hey, all,

I've started podcasting with my friends, and being the person with the studio, I've taken on editing duties. I've decided to take the FtB approach of not restricting my co-hosts' language, and simply bleeping it during editing to avoid the dreaded iTunes explicit tag.

However, my question is: what words exactly should I be bleeping? I mean, the big ones are obvious. The little ones, though, the common ones we don't even think about, like asshole or dick, those are the ones I'm not sure about. Anyone more familiar with the editing of FtB who can give me a few guidelines?
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Re: Vulgarity guidelines

Postby Knaight » Fri Dec 11, 2015 2:07 pm

It really depends on what exactly you're going for. If you just want to bleep out everything not allowed on the network TV of some country, you can probably find a list. Otherwise, either pick your own standard for the little ones, or combine a couple. What ends up on different people's lists will vary, both depending on how the word is used and the particulars of it. For instance, if I were bleeping at all*, I'd be likely to bleep out the word bitch in any instance I bleeped out things like shit, fuck, etc. On the other hand, something like goddamn would get left in, it registers as pretty tiny to me. FtB doesn't bleep bitch, and do bleep shit, fuck, etc. I'm pretty sure they also bleep things I wouldn't when clearing the big ones, but I don't have the list memorized.

For someone else though, goddamn might be the highest priority thing to bleep, and even gosh darn ends up higher priority than fuck, shit, et. all. An American show is probably not going to bother with bloody, as it's not even seen as vulgar here. A British one probably will if they're getting the big-shared-group.

*Unlikely, but hey.
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