No GM's Sky - Uncharted Worlds

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No GM's Sky - Uncharted Worlds

Postby zircher » Mon Apr 15, 2019 12:11 pm

And it's live! You can download NGS-UW from DriveThruRPG now. It's a freebie like all my games on DTRPG. (Feel free to leave something in the tip jar if you want.)

The Uncharted Worlds version of NGS is more portable than the Traveller/Cepheus Engine version since it has less game specific crunchiness and more story prompts built in to the encounter table, same with the characters in the appendix.

For those of you not familiar with NGS, it is a setting for exploration missions set on the frontiers of space. You do a long jump into unexplored space and then try to survive and explore your way back home. It is intended for solo/GM-less play, but it also usable by a GM that wants an easy to set up sand box. In addition, there is a big appendix with crew members, specialists, and patrons to flesh out your adventure.

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