What's your current project?

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Re: What's your current project?

Postby JediSoth » Mon Sep 23, 2019 7:21 am

As I mentioned in Happy Things, I finally got my next fantasy novel, Summer of Crows to a point where I could send it out to Beta Readers and my paid editor/proofreader.

Things I learned:
160,000+ words is a SLOG to edit/revise
Tracking the phases of TWO moons with different orbital periods (28 days and 12 days) is a HUGE PITA and my editor hates me*
You have to get creative if you name a horse Socks because editors don't like it when characters retrieve things from Socks's saddle or clean Socks's hooves. In retrospect, it would have been easier to rename the horse.

This book was supposed to be done for Gen Con (I finished the manuscript's first draft in November 2018, before my wife's cancer diagnosis, but while she was dying of Fevers of Unknown Origin accompanied by Monoclonal Gammopathy of Uncertain Significance). Chemo put a stop to that crap, but she couldn't help until the worst of the side effects subsided in June... and she's still dealing with other side effects. Probably won't even get finished in time for GameHole Con at the end of October since my paid editor wants a month to go through it.

Oh well. Maybe I can have TWO books for Gen Con next year (I need to do a Zack Jackson 5, but the utter lack of reviews for book 4 after a year have me demoralized and unmotivated).

* Not literally
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Re: What's your current project?

Postby Wayne » Mon Sep 23, 2019 10:17 am

Not my current project, but I'm thinking about starting a new blog and as part of it doing NANOWRIMO this year and posting not about my writing but the actual writing I did each day throughout the month. Something to keep me on a schedule and accountable. I know it won't be great without having been seriously edited yet and being more stream of consciousness. Still I could have editing be a followup series on the blog. Basically taking that novel and blogging the entire process of creation around it.

Blog would have tags for topics so I could do Comic Book conversations, Audiobook reviews, gaming, or anything else but let people choose what they want to read. That is assuming anyone wants to read to begin with.
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Re: What's your current project?

Postby zircher » Mon Sep 23, 2019 10:57 pm

In the near future, working on Project X, a tactical space combat game. For #Shock-tober I plan on doing a solo run of Demon Hunters, and then eventually get back to writing Sword and Gun again.

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