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Re: riddles

Postby Azhrei Vep » Mon Apr 03, 2017 6:22 am

Burning wrote:
Leoff wrote:So, I've gotten two possible riddles for my project (I need some riddles short enough to fit on a playing card).

What has more ears -- one rabbit or no rabbit?

No rabbit, because one rabbit has two ears, but no rabbit has three.

This was the first "joke" I ever bothered to memorise. I have been annoying people with it ever since.

Nice Lewis Carroll sort of logic. I know a similar one. What's better? Eternal happiness or a ham sandwich?

A ham sandwich. Nothing's better than eternal happiness, but a ham sandwich is better than nothing.

Eternal happiness. It would include Ham Sandwiches. Amazing ones. Arthur Dent-ian Ham Sandwiches. When one includes the other, and both are good, the all-inclusive one automatically wins.

... And that's what I enjoy about riddles. Fucking with them.
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