Looking for Comixology Unlimited Suggestions

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Re: Looking for Comixology Unlimited Suggestions

Postby clintmemo » Wed Aug 10, 2016 4:56 pm

Chad wrote:
clintmemo wrote:I spent the weekend binge reading and I found a lot of things where volume 1 was on unlimited but the next volume was not, but available for purchase.

I found that rather frustrating.

I was researching Comixology over the weekend thinking I was going to sub. Big fat nope.

Their entire business model is to try and get you hooked into the program with a very small amount of big title (like Walking Dead and a few others), then get you interested in some other good titles but only have limited issues of those all with the end goal of getting you hooked into comics so that you end up buying comics from them to get the full runs of the stories.

And it's probably going to work on me.
After plowing throught six volumes of Atomic Robo, I'll probably buy the rest over time - maybe on those 5th Wednesday months.

I'll also look at Locke and Key and Hellboy.
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