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Seen any good movies or TV shows lately? Or anything so bad you just have to vent?
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Postby Chad » Thu Aug 08, 2019 2:58 pm

Sith_Mafia wrote:Police Story (1985 - Hong Kong) - action comedy starring and directed by Jackie Chan. Wilder than his US movies, the stunts are nonstop with his signature prop comedy included. The plot of a policeman protecting a witness is mostly there to put Jackie into different impossible situations. If you like cheesy martial arts movies with impressive stunts check it out.

Police Story is a series of movies and they are all great. Lots of great stunts, kung fu, and comedy.

The later Police Story reboots are really good as well, they removed the comedy and had a darker, more serious story line.

I'm not sure which of the reboots I've seen but whatever ones I did I though were some of his best work.

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