A few good booters for my Minecraft Server

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A few good booters for my Minecraft Server

Postby Psyicman » Thu Apr 22, 2021 10:54 am

Hey all! I made a post on Facebook but I’m looking for some more good Booters
to join my Raspberry Pi Minecraft server. I have about 6 people now that have joined in. I’m looking for people who like to build big and awesome things. This is a mostly anarchy server on the honor system that you just want to build and play the game set to survival. I will keep the game up to date with the latest full releases so with 1.17 about to come out you won’t have to go far from spawn to generate new stuff because the world does not have much generated yet. And as of the time of writing this the Neather and End dimensions have not been generated yet.

The rules of the server are simple:
1. You have to ask me to join
2. Bases are off limits for messing with
3. If you do happen across a base and really need something replace what you take. If you do take something from a chest (leave a sign you will get them back or are welcome to take something from your base and use coordinates)
4. PvP is fine but don’t be a jerk
5 Don’t give out the server info without permission please

The rest is basically just have fun! Like I said this is vanilla. There are no plugins or mods for the game and I’m the only Moderator. I want to see cool builds and creativity. PM or e-Mail me at klutzjoe@gmail.com if you want to join and I’ll send you the IP address.
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